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Wihuri Aviation surprised co-pilot Nipun Bhaskar with its versatility

Completing complex ambulance missions makes Jetflite co-pilot Nipun Bhaskar proud. Nipun is always excited to learn and do new things, which is essential in the aviation industry.

“At Wihuri Aviation, I have realized how important it is to pay attention to personal chemistry in recruitment. We have succeeded since we have such a great team”, Nipun praises.

Nipun was introduced to Wihuri Aviation and Jetflite during his flight school days when he arrived as an engineer trainee in 2018 to update manuals and monitor regulations.

“I graduated in 2019, and a year later, a co-pilot position opened up at Jetflite, which I got.”

In his job, Nipun conducts flights as a team with the captain and takes care of flight preparations. Nipun appreciates that one gets to know colleagues well in a company like Jetflite.

“I’ve heard that in bigger companies, it can take years to meet the same crew members again. Fortunately, we have a close-knit team.”

The entire spectrum of aviation services

In addition to the excellent team spirit at Wihuri Aviation, Nipun is attracted by the variety of work.

“Even though I knew before my first flights that we perform all kinds of missions, experiencing and seeing it in practice surprised me.”

Often, airlines focus on specific services, such as charter or cargo flights. Wihuri Aviation’s services, on the other hand, cover both business flights and logistical solutions. The most rewarding tasks for Nipuni are ambulance flights.

“Being able to help is important. Succeeding in ambulance flights and getting good feedback feels special because the gigs may be operating to challenging destinations or the patient’s condition may make extraordinary demands on the flight.”

Toward the next challenge

In the beginning, Nipun became interested in flying during his time as a conscript in the aviation technical line. Later, enthusiasm for the field has only grown.

“At work, I’m known as the type who always gets excited about every job. We have dozens of trainings a year, and I also want to make the most of them.”

A positive attitude towards training is a must in the aviation industry, which is developing rapidly. Regarding his work career, Nipun expects increased responsibility as experience accumulates.
“Until now, I have been able to fly to new places every month with Jetflite. I hope this will continue to be the case, and in the future, I will have the opportunity to advance to the next seat in the cockpit, i.e., the captain’s seat.”