Our values

Our values

We are guided by our values that lay the foundation of Wihuri’s commitments to our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Openness – We strive to foster respect and openness in the Wihuri work environment.

Reliability – We treat customers fairly, so that they know they can trust us.

Innovativity – We find solutions to the problems of a rapidly changing world by developing both our internal and external processes.

Profitability – We work for the achievement of long-term profit growth to ensure prosperity and well-being of the Group.

We want to do what is right

Our success depends on ensuring that we continuously hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Wihuri Code of Conduct describes our commitment to compliance with laws and regulations, as well as commonly accepted practices and ethical principles that we follow in our businesses and that are reflected in individual decisions made by Wihuri Group’s employees in small and large matters. The Code of Conduct applies to all our employees worldwide, whatever their role or work may be, and it is the responsibility of each Wihuri employee to follow and promote Wihuri Code of Conduct.

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Wihuri Supplier Code o​​​​​​​​​​​​​​f Conduct

Conducting our business according to the applicable laws and regulations in all countries in which we operate is of utmost importance to us, and we expect the same from our business partners. We expect all our suppliers to commit to Wihuri Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure they meet Wihuri’s basic expectations of doing business.

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Our whistleblowing channel

It is important to us that we can detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage to maintain trust in our operations. Our whistleblowing channel offers you a possibility to alert our organisation about suspicions of misconduct related to our activities in confidence.

Whistleblowing can be done by any person openly or anonymously. You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.

All messages received will be handled confidentially by a dedicated whistleblowing team.

For more information on using the whistleblowing channel, please see our whistleblowing guidelines. You can read more about different alternatives on how to raise concerns from our Code of Conduct.

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