Wipak & Winpak – Innovative High-End Packaging Solutions

Wihuri´s packaging business is one of the world’s leading producers of packaging materials and solutions for the food and medical supply industries in Europa and North America. Wihuri’s packaging division consists of two international brands: WIPAK in Europe and Asia and WINPAK in North America.

With 21 manufacturing sites and numerous sales and service offices on three continents Wipak and Winpak teams of experts deploy globally to serve customer needs regardless of geography. The strategic alliance of Wipak and Winpak allows global customers to reduce costs, simplify product development and consolidate packaging solutions.


Wipak´s strength is based on linking expertise in research and development with the group’s production and sales capabilities around the globe.

Wipak specialises in high-end packaging solutions and services for perishable food products as well as for healthcare sterile supplies and devices. Wipak is well respected in Europe and Asia for its expertise in complex multilayer films in general and barrier films in particular. Wipak operates eleven facilities and a network of sales offices in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.


Winpak is committed to the manufacture and sale of high quality packaging materials and the production of related innovative packaging machines. Operations encompass three product groups produced in ten manufacturing facilities in North America. Winpak distributes products to customers primarily in North America for the protection of perishable foods, beverages and health care applications.

Winpak is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.