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Jetflite cabin assistant Päivi Barrera creates memorable flight experiences

For Päivi, the work of a cabin assistant is a vocation where a good crew and great humour make each day fun. Serving people is the very essence of this work.

Tipped off by a friend, Päivi applied to Jetflite to become a flight attendant in 1999. Just one week after the job interview, she was on her first flight. More than twenty years later, she is still working at Jetflite, although her title has changed to cabin assistant. Her work still focuses on responding to the wishes of customers.

‘I’m definitely an attendant,’ says Päivi. ‘What’s important in this job is to think and act quickly and know how to read people so you can attend to their comfort.’

Thrilling encounters with people

Cabin assistants get to connect with many different people while on the job. For Päivi, the most rewarding thing is to see truly satisfied customers who come and tell you about it.

‘Good feedback makes you feel grateful,’ she says. ‘What’s great about my job is actually forming nice contacts with different people. A big encounter can sometimes have a real “wow” effect on me.’

Private flights may carry politicians, famous artists or celebrities from around the world as passengers. The best thing yet for Päivi was a chance to get acquainted with the Aarnio-Wihuri family, which owns the entire Wihuri Group.

‘It was a real privilege for me to get to meet them,’ she says. ‘Antti is an important figure. Few workplaces or roles give you a chance to get to know the owner this well.’

Independent work with a fantastic team

Before coming to Jetflite, Päivi developed her experience abroad in the aviation and maritime sectors. For anyone dreaming of working on charter flights, she recommends working on scheduled flights first.

‘This is a very independent job,’ she explains. ‘Many people need someone else for guidance or support while on a flight, but in this particular role, all the support you have is you.’

As a counterbalance to independence, you get to enjoy good team spirit on the job together with competent people. The secret to Päivi’s satisfaction with her job at Jetflite for so long is a fantastic team that can laugh until everyone is in tears.

‘You have to have fun on the job and be allowed to be yourself. You can do that with us. I’ve never had a morning where I’ve thought I don’t feel like going to work,’ Päivi says in summary.