Career story24.11.2023

Internship story: Team supervisor Jonna Salakka finds a permanent position at Wipak through an internship

At Wipak, Jonna Salakka was surprised to see how well-suited she was to supervisory tasks. True interest in employees and working as a team to find solutions play a major role in leadership.

In spring 2022, Jonna Salakka, who studied biotechnology and food engineering at a university of applied sciences, accepted a new challenge and took up an internship position as a team supervisor at Wipak. In the autumn, her working hours were adjusted to accommodate her studies.

“Wipak made combining work and studies easy. I’m really grateful for their flexibility!” says Jonna.

After graduation, Jonna continued as a team supervisor, and when she was offered a permanent position in autumn 2023, she did not have to think twice.

“Of course I wanted to stay. I get to work with a great team, the work is varied and there is the right level of challenge.”

Jonna does not think she has a “typical work day”. Her tasks vary greatly, including all kinds of supervisory duties related to personnel and the monitoring of production. She covers for supervisors, checks rotas, arranges induction and investigates production issues.

“I believe that my open-minded attitude has helped me get up to speed on the new job. I’m curious, I ask a lot of questions and want to learn, and I don’t shy away from responsibility. In this job, you need a range of skills, from problem-solving to patience.”

Building a leadership style

At her first interview with the company, Jonna realised how Wipak operated: seriously but with a twinkle in the eye.

“I felt that Wipak’s values were similar to mine. I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing that the supervisors take a real interest in production employees and that the company culture emphasises teamwork.”

Not keen on the word “manage” , Jonna prefers to be present in production because it makes it easier to work together to find solutions.

“I don’t think there are tasks that are just the machine operator’s responsibility. If the place is dusty and I have time, I’ll grab a vacuum cleaner and do some cleaning. I want to show that I also work in production, irrespective of my role.”

“A job that feels like me”

At Wipak, Jonna has been surprised by the range of job opportunities.

“I would have never guessed how varied the work at Wipak really is. There are also plenty of opportunities to advance.”

Jonna is happy about continuing her professional journey with Wipak because she has realised that the job suits her well.

“It’s the best workplace I’ve had to date. I get to carry out varied tasks, learn new things and challenge myself. This job feels like me.”