Career story24.11.2023

Internship story: Lauri Pusa draws inspiration for his thesis from his four summers at Wipak

Lauri Pusa, who studies mechanical engineering, has enjoyed his summer jobs at Wipak as a clean room operator and a maintenance engineer. Next, he will continue working with Wipak on his thesis project.

This summer, Lauri Pusa had the opportunity to carry out work in his field of study, but Wipak as a company was familiar to him from the three previous summers.

“After working as a clean room operator during the previous summers, I got an internship position as a maintenance engineer in the basic production and cutting units. I took care of various projects assigned to me by my supervisor. For example, I carried out machine validation.”

Lauri also had the opportunity to cover for the team leader during his internship.

“I gained some supervisory experience, which is nice. The team gave me a warm welcome, ensuring that the new job went well.”

For him, the most important thing is to leave work at the end of the day feeling good.

“When you’ve stood in successfully for the supervisor during a hectic week, you feel a real sense of achievement. You feel that you have accomplished something.”

Praise for an open recruitment process

Wipak was an easy choice for Lauri because of a recommendation from a friend.

“When a friend of mine applied for another summer job at Wipak, I thought it must be a good place. I wanted to try it out myself and as I’ve kept coming back, it’s evident that I’ve been happy with the company.”

Lauri likes that Wipak is a tidy environment for a factory, with a heavy emphasis placed on safety. Lauri also praises Wipak for its smooth recruitment process.

“Unlike many other companies, Wipak actively kept me up to date on the progress of the recruitment process. Everything’s been clear all the time.”

Setting sights on a thesis

Lauri is starting his fourth year of studies at LAB University of Applied Sciences, which means that it is time to think about a thesis project. Wipak can be of assistance in this.

“We have talked about me doing my thesis work here. Various topics have been suggested to me, including the design of a predictive maintenance system, which sounds like a great idea.”

Lauri feels he has learnt a great deal at Wipak.

“Courses give you background information, but you really learn the work by doing it. Offering a great work environment and a wide range of tasks, Wipak has been a great stepping stone to working life,” notes Lauri.