Career story24.11.2023

Internship story: Lauri Inki got two passions in a single project

Lauri Inki did not want to spend his entire internship staring at Excel files. Fortunately, Wille Machines offered him a position on a project where he would be responsible for 3D modelling and coding.

“I gained so much experience that it feels like I’ve taken a couple of courses on topics not taught at university during the summer,” explains Lauri Inki, Wille Machines’ summer trainee.

Lauri is doing his bachelor’s degree in information and software engineering at the University of Jyväskylä. Lauri’s relative tipped him off about the internship at Wille Machines.

“I came to Loimaa for a couple of interviews, which gave me quite a good idea of what to expect from the project.”

Before his internship, Lauri thought that Wille Machines was a more conventional company in terms of its practices.

“In fact, the work was really flexible, and I took advantage of the possibility to work from home. On the other hand, when I went to the office in Loimaa, I felt really welcome.”

Responsibility as a draw

Lauri was tasked with creating a product configurator prototype for Wille Machines to enable customers to study a 3D model of the Wille environment maintenance machine and test new options. The model also makes it possible to see what the machine would look like with the selected options.

“I think it has been long-term vision for the company to have such a function on the website, and now they found the person to make it reality,” notes Lauri, laughing.

Lauri worked independently to a great extent.

“This suited me well as I enjoy working independently and making decisions. A job without real responsibility wouldn’t have been that attractive to me.”

A perfect combination of tasks

Giving Lauri responsibility over the project paid off as the targets set for it were achieved halfway through the summer.

“I experienced a sense of achievement and solved many tricky issues. On the whole, I learnt plenty of new things, which will stand me in good stead in the future.”

The most exciting thing about the internship was the opportunity to carry out both 3D modelling and coding.

“I’ve been into 3D modelling from a young age, and at university I’ve had the opportunity to learn coding. Right from the outset, my goal has been to combine these skillsets at work, and I was able to do just that this summer. This summer project was perfect for me at this point in my studies.”