Career story24.11.2023

Internship story: Excellent induction provides support for Kalle Orelma in his job as a production planner

Learning new tasks is fun when the atmosphere at work is supportive. Kalle Orelma’s summer job as a production planner taught him that good communications help work run smoothly.

Kalle Orelma, who is doing his master’s degree at LUT University, found himself working for Wipak for the fifth summer.

“I enjoy working here – it’s why I keep coming back. During the first four summers when I worked as an operator, I had a ringside view of the production process, which has been beneficial for my current job as a production planner.”

His first summer as a planner primarily consisted of production planning tasks related to two blow moulding machines, including order confirmation, stock management and reporting.

“I couldn’t have guessed in advance how closely I would work with production planners at Wipak’s plants abroad. It’s been a pleasant surprise, as it is both fun and a great opportunity to learn new things.”

The summer has not been without its challenges either.

“Work days are surprisingly varied. Situations where you have to pay attention to numerous factors and look into various matters are particularly challenging. Working with the team to find a solution is rewarding.”

Help is always at hand

Kalle finds the atmosphere at Wipak to be supportive.

“You can always ask anything here and there is no judgment. I’ve learnt that it always pays off to communicate actively. Often matters related to the production process have wide-spread impacts, and mistakes are more likely if you try to do it all on your own.”

Kalle has good memories of Wipak’s thorough induction process.

“When I worked at Wipak for the first time, I was shown several times during the month-long induction period how things were done. This summer too, I was told clearly what to do and I knew what was expected of me. I’ve been given time to learn things.”

Towards working life with confidence

Kalle would be happy to carry out similar tasks in the future. He says:

“The main thing is to have a workplace, such as Wipak, that you are happy to go to every day.”
The summer has given him new skills and friends.

“I’m going back to my studies with new energy. I’m looking forward to entering working life, as work is where you really learn the job. Wipak has helped me build a strong foundation for my working life.”