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For Jetflite captain, Mikko Yrjö-Koskinen flying does not feel like work

As captain, Mikko Yrjö-Koskinen wants to be as good a colleague as possible. Customer satisfaction after the flight is the most rewarding.

Mikko, who worked in aviation throughout the 21st century, has flown for many companies. He holds flight crew licenses both in North America and Europe.

“In 2000, I went to flight school in Conway, South Carolina, and a couple of years later, I also got a European pilot’s license with Salpauslento”, Mikko recalls.

From 2004, Mikko worked as a flight instructor at Salpauslento and as a co-pilot at Scanwings until early 2008, when he started as a co-pilot at Jetflite, which is part of Wihuri Aviation.

“I remember being very motivated and having a wow effect because Jetflite’s planes were bigger and more modern than I had previously operated.”

Mikko became a captain in 2012. A couple of years later, he left for new challenges. Mikko flew for European and Asian private families and performed contract flights.

After seven years of traveling the world, Mikko returned to the cockpit of a Jetflite plane. Returning to Jetflite was an easy decision.

“We operate to locations that scheduled services can’t reach. In addition, Jetflite’s operations had grown even more during my absence. Charter, ambulance, and cargo flights bring much-needed versatility.”

Successful flights make you smile

During his working career, Mikko feels that his social skills have developed.

“Having flown with many different people, you have learned good and bad habits and what kind of colleague you want to be to others.”

Mikko’s tip for those aspiring to the business aviation side is to get to know the faces of the industry whenever there is an opportunity.

“The industry is small, so it’s good to know people. Otherwise, I would say that you need flexibility at work because gigs come at short notice, and changes are common.”

Mikko himself meticulously ensures the success of each flight.

“I’m always on time to find out about everything. The best thing is the customers’ smile after the flight.”

” Colleagues, please never change!”

If Mikko gives his best on flights, he hopes to do the same as a team member.

“I want to be as good a colleague as possible, with whom completing work goes smoothly.”

Mikko appreciates his colleagues a lot.

“I hope they never change. I appreciate our team, which always fulfills its job to the last detail.”

Mikko feels that flying with Jetflite doesn’t always feel like work.

“It’s important for me to have fun at work, and at Jetflite, I enjoy what I do.”