Career storyTechnical Trade

After-sales marketing development manager Mika Grundström has held many roles at Wihuri Technical Trade

For aftermarket development manager Mika Grundström, more than 20 years at Wihuri Technical Trade have offered plenty of opportunities for solution orientation. Openness to new challenges is vital for Mika.

“At Technical Trade, I have had many opportunities to develop and develop to new positions, which I appreciate. At Wihuri, the opportunity to advance to different positions is of great value.”

Mika’s career at Technical Trade started as a machine installer in 1997, after which Mika moved to become a foreman and technical support staff. In 2010 he advanced to become a product manager.

“In 2014, I advanced to the role of department manager in life-cycle services, and at the same time, the scope of work expanded from the civil engineering side to cover all Technical Trade brands.”

After a few years, an ERP project started at Technical Trade, where Mika was the test manager. In the autumn of 2019, his role further changed to development manager.

“Together with the team, we strive to develop our system to support the process perspective, making the operation faster and more efficient and making the end user’s everyday life easier. In other words, we ensure the best possible customer service.”

Constant development is refreshing

During his 26-year career, Mika has acquired a lot of know-how in Technical Trade. Nevertheless, his diverse role allows for daily development.

“Openness to new things is important and continuous learning keeps you fresh.”

Career advancement is hardly a concern for Mika, as the aftermarket for Technical Trade products is developing rapidly.

“Everyone says that no day is the same in your work, but it’s absolutely true for me. Accelerating digitization keeps us busy developing.”

Moving things forward together with a professional team is effortless.

“Motivated and competent colleagues make work efficient. Delegating has also been easy to learn when you can trust the professionalism of your colleagues.”

Deep into problem-solving

Mika’s various tasks at Technical Trade are united by identifying challenges and finding solutions.

“I like to make things work better. I used to care for a single machine; now I can handle a whole process chain.”

Mika enjoys solving problems “by getting deep into them.”

“It is inappropriate to be too far away from everyday activities to develop our systems in the right direction.”

The development work serving customers and the business are the ones that Mika values the most.

“The best memories of work are related to situations when the success of the client’s work has been ensured. The immediate positive feedback makes me happy, even after all these years.”