Global Finnish Industry and Trade Conglomerate

Wihuri is a global Finnish industry and trade conglomerate engaged in packaging, daily goods wholesale, technical trade and aviation. Wihuri Group employs 5,200 people and operates in 30 countries.

During the history of 120 years Wihuri has grown from a small family business into a diversified global enterprise. The Wihuri reputation and commitment has made each division into a leader its own respective field.

Finnish Family Business

Today Wihuri operates worldwide, but the Finnish roots are still important to its operation. Wihuri is run and owned by the same family as 120 years ago when it took its first root.

The Wihuri story begins with the accomplishment of three notable figures. Hjalmar Aarnio was a pioneer in the wholesale trade in Finland. He founded the company Aarnio Oy in Kaarina, Finland in 1901. Maritime Counselor Antti Wihuri had an international business group, which consisted of a total of more than than 20 companies. The lifetime work of Rakel Wihuri, Honorary Counselor of Trade, linked Aarnio and Wihuri businesses together. In 1961 Aarnio Oy was merged with Wihuri’s business to form the Wihuri Group.

Antti Aarnio-Wihuri has successfully carried on the work of these three notable persons and Wihuri has grown into a diversified global enterprise.


Nordic Expertise comprised in new Business Division - Wihuri Aviation