Valued partner

Growing as a Valued Partner

Whether we are working on land, sea or air, we have a responsibility to ensure that the resources and materials we rely on are responsibly sourced. As a partner, we are committed to delivering high quality.

We build relationships that last. Our highly-valued partnerships are at the core of our sustainability mindset, as together with our customers, we find solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

The packaging division offers customers various solutions to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint:

  • recyclable packaging
  • renewable or recycled raw materials
  • material efficiency using thin fims
  • reducing food waste with protective packaging.

Packaging is designed to be “fit for purpose” so that the product is adequately protected and does not end up as waste. Product and patient safety are vital criteria when designing food and hospital equipment packaging, which must comply with high quality requirements.

We have worked persistently in the wholesale trade of daily consumer goods to increase our responsible offering. We have set policies to support responsible food production and try to give our customers opportunities to choose responsible products. Our goal is to increase the range of products with a responsibility label among our private label products. For instance, in the past year, we have shifted to a certified ingredient in our private label coffee and increased the certification level of palm oil. In addition, we have made policy decisions concerning our entire selection in terms of, e.g., eggs and seafood products.

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