We are JetLogistics

Our story is one of passion for aviation. You rarely encounter personnel as dedicated as ours — we are committed to the company and each other as colleagues, but first of all to our customers. We turn your logistics challenges into solutions.

JetLogistics is part of Wihuri Aviation, a business unit of a large Finnish industrial conglomerate, Wihuri Group. JetLogistics was established in 2020. Our aim has been, and still is, to say yes to challenges most would give up on, be it destinations, schedules, or circumstances.

Our logistics solutions deliver you what you need exactly when you need it. We are available for all industries at all times. Using our services will free up resources for your day-to-day business. We can arrange any form of transportation needed, whether it is an important machine part that needs transporting from Scandinavia to the US or a 100-ton turbine from Asia to Central Europe, we can support you. We will ensure the most optimal solution for your transportation need.

Together with our Deflog concept, we have experience handling even the most demanding challenges. These include military, and defense industry transports to the remotest parts of the world, transportation of oversized shipments worldwide, and critical shipments. We handle what others cannot achieve. Together with our partners, we can source equipment for virtually any need.

Our customer’s value tailored and individual, high-quality service and long-term partnerships. We’ll fly a million miles to provide them with just that because our mission is to have customers that are proud to be Our Customers. We are here to provide high customer service and efficiency throughout the entire transportation process.

When circumstances, destinations, or schedules are complex, JetLogistics is at its best. We are the problem-solvers of logistics and offer our customers flexibility, adaptability, and solutions. Everyday.