Privacy notice for video surveillance and visitors – Wihuri Group

This Privacy Notice explains how the personal data received through forms and the video surveillance material collected in the premises of the Wihuri Group companies’ may be processed and how the privacy rights of individuals may be exercised.

The controller of the personal data is each of the Wihuri Group company whose premises you have entered (“we” or “Wihuri”).

In case you have any questions or requests concerning your personal data or data protection, you may always contact us through the following email address:

We may periodically update this Privacy Notice.

Further Information on the Processing of Your Personal Data

Sources and Types of Personal Data

The data we may process includes images and records (including the related date, time and location) collected through the video surveillance at Wihuri’s premises relating to the following data subjects (“you”):

  • Current or previous employees, directors, temporary agency workers and job applicants of Wihuri,
  • Employees, directors and representatives of Wihuri’s current, previous or potential contractors, suppliers and co-operation partners,
  • Employees, directors and representatives of Wihuri’s current, previous or potential customers, and
  • Other third parties present at Wihuri’s premises.

The data we collect via hard copy or electronic forms may also include your name, information on your employer (e.g. company name) and the date of access to our premises.

What Are the Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing of Your Personal Data?

We only process personal data when we have a legal justification to do so for one of the following purposes:

  • Protection of your safety and the safety of others,
  • Protection of Wihuri’s premises,
  • Protection of Wihuri’s and/or data subject’s property,
  • Monitoring of production operations,
  • Prevention and mitigation of risks and exposures threatening the overall safety of Wihuri’s premises and resolving any disputes.

The processing is based on Wihuri’s legitimate interest relating to our relationship with you or the entity you represent.

The video surveillance is conducted in accordance with the local laws. To the extent required by the local laws, there are signs to indicate the video surveillance at the premises under surveillance.

With Whom May We Share Your Personal Data?

Other Wihuri Group companies: We may transfer the personal data to other Wihuri Group companies if necessary for the security measures. Some of these companies may act as independent data controllers for the personal data we provide them.

Third parties: We may disclose your personal data to government agencies and regulators, courts and other government authorities where there is a legal obligation to do so. We may also disclose your personal data to external advisors (e.g. lawyers, accountants, auditors etc.) or to security firms.

Service providers and other partners: As part of normal operations Wihuri contracts with third party service providers (e.g. IT systems and support providers etc.). These partners process your personal data only at and according to Wihuri’s instructions to provide the services.

May There Be Any International Data Transfers?

Wihuri operates in a global market. Due to this, your data may be transferred to non-EU/EEA countries too. Because different countries may have different data protection laws than your own country, we take steps to ensure adequate safeguards are in place to protect your data when required. Adequate safeguards that Wihuri Group companies and our partners may use include standard contractual clauses approved by EU Commission.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

Wihuri complies with all applicable data protection legislation and aims to ensure that your privacy is not infringed in any phase of the processing.

We continuously develop and implement administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your data from unauthorised access and against loss, misuse or alteration. The rights of access to the data are predefined and limited. We also require our service providers to implement all appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

For How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Data?

Generally Wihuri retains the video surveillance material for a period of two months or shorter. We may, however, retain some material for a longer period of time if necessary for our legitimate business interest, such as to resolve disputes or to comply with applicable standards. If you ask us to remove your personal data, we may still retain your data if necessary for such interest.

Your Rights and Options

You have the right to access your personal data and to correct your data. In some circumstances you may also have the right to have your unnecessary or inaccurate data deleted, to object to how we use or share your data, to restrict how we process your data, and to have your data transferred to another data controller.

You can exercise these rights by contacting Wihuri’s data protection expert in data protection matters through the contact details set out above.

Even though Wihuri seeks to resolve any privacy related disagreements in co-operation with you, you also have the right to lodge a complaint to a data protection authority about our processing of your personal data. For more information, please contact your local data protection authority.