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Wille’s intelligent features – the achievements of constant development

Wille Machines Oy, the market leader for environmental care machines in the Nordic countries, strives to continue being a company that sets the bar for other players in the industry. High-quality development meets the needs of drivers by bringing intelligent features to Wille machines that users and the environment alike will appreciate.

Wille Machines Oy is known for domestic production and product development excellence to continue leading the industry. Based on a good knowledge of customer needs, intelligent features were developed for Wille machines making the driver’s work more efficient and straightforward.

The functions Automatic Eco-Drive, Smart Drive, Smart Cruiser, Smart Flow, Smart Lube, and Variosteer make daily work smoother and have received a positive reception. Intelligent features are demanded by customers already today; hence the development of these features will prevail in the future.

Safer and more efficient environmental care

Wille’s intelligent features are intended to make the driver’s work more efficient and manageable when the machine takes over routine tasks.

“The efficiency increases when the driver can focus on other things instead of adjusting the driving speed and turning the knobs. In addition, the opportunities to observe the environment increase, which improves safety,” says Engineering Manager Jesse Suonsivu.

Each intelligent feature has been intensively thought through such that the machine user gets the maximum benefit from them in their work. The reception has been perfect in the Nordic countries.

“The benefits are easy to notice in everyday work. For example, with Smart Flow automation, the work equipment’s speed automatically follows the machine’s speed so that, for example, sandblasting takes place evenly. This results in clear savings,” says Product Manager Antti Lindström.

Less environmental impact

The intelligent features have not only been refined with the best interests of the machine’s user in mind, but environmental friendliness also increases because of the development work. For example, thanks to the Automatic Eco-Drive feature, the engine revs are optimal in every situation, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

“Intelligent features reduce the environmental load caused by the machines, which will be even more important in the future,” says Lindström.

The Smart Lube system monitors the consumption of lubricants, taking care of the correct greasing of the machine. Hence harmful substances do pollute the environment due to excessive greasing. The intelligent features have contributed to Wille Machines Oy’s award for the ISO14001 environmental certificate.

“We are fully committed to considering the environmental perspective when developing our products. It is not only high-quality and smooth working that is required of environmental care machines, but minimizing environmental harm is equally important,” Suonsivu says.

Remaining at the forefront of the industry with constant development

Non-stop work toward and with the world’s best environmental care machines continues in Loimaa.

“Wille Machines wants to be an innovator and pioneer in environmental care machines. Our product development is constantly progressing, both reinventing old features and innovating new ones simultaneously, ” says Lindström.

Continuous evaluation internally and understanding of the market externally keep the development work on the right track.

“We continue to develop smart features while being careful that the increasing adjustment possibilities do not reduce the user experience. In all development work, our goal is to bring genuine solutions to our customers,” sums up Suonsivu.