Wihuri Aviation, known for its various services, is expanding to Sweden

Wihuri Aviation is one of the most versatile operators in aviation transport services and is now expanding to Sweden after Estonia. The rapidly changing operating environment has accelerated Wihuri Aviation’s growth story, as the company is known for its expertise in challenging operations. Outstanding service is believed to create long-term customer relationships in new locations.

Where the service portfolio of others ends is where the expertise of Wihuri Aviation starts. To meet customer needs even better, Wihuri Aviation has been operating in Estonia since 2018 and has been expanding to Sweden since the fall of 2022. Wihuri Aviation is a niche operator offering services from business aviation to logistical solutions, which has given it exceptional flexibility to react quickly to various needs.

Rapidly evolving operating environments have been easy to deal with for Wihuri Aviation, and the company’s agility has been noticed. A reputation as a reliable service provider is a sound basis for developing international recognition.

In Sweden, ambulance flights are demanded – as everywhere else

Wihuri Aviation is the parent company of three brands: Jetflite, Euroflite, and Jetlogistics. Jetflite, one of the largest companies offering charter flights in Nordic countries, focuses strongly on ambulance flights and humanitarian flights. Euroflite is a broker of customized flights for groups of different sizes worldwide. JetLogistics offers cargo handling services for land, sea, and air cargo worldwide, specializing in the defense industry.

“In Sweden, our private jets under the Jetflite brand are the most popular product, especially ambulance flights. The need for these has grown globally in recent years,” says Wihuri Aviation’s sales director Jan Lindholm.

In addition to ambulance flights, Wihuri Aviation is known for other particular expertise. JetLogistics manages the transportation of challenging or dangerous cargo. These logistics services are in high demand in Estonia. However, all functions together are Wihuri Aviation’s competitive advantage.

“Versatility is our great strength at Wihuri Aviation. Few businesses offer such comprehensive and high-quality services under the same roof,” JetLogistics unit manager Niklas Busk confirms.

Another strength is Wihuri Aviation’s first-class customer service, born from solid customer knowledge.

“The customer is always at the center, reflected in long-standing customer relationships. Our professional skills are based on committed personnel, whose expertise we invest in,” says Lindholm.

Steady expansion as a goal

The opening of Wihuri Aviation’s offices in Estonia and Sweden and the official registration of the company in the countries are part of the long-term goals. Being local and operating through our own networks are essential steps for growth.

“Although Wihuri Aviation has excellent customer references, we strive to increase our recognition further. The more countries we operate in, the more internationally recognized we are,” Busk explains the company’s plans.

Wihuri Aviation’s expansion is not limited to neighboring countries, but more extensive growth plans have been drawn up that will be executed based on demand.

“There is an increasing need for an operator like Wihuri Aviation worldwide. We meet the needs of a changing world by transporting all kinds of passengers and cargo. Our expansion is a natural response to customer needs,” says Lindholm.