How We Work

How We Work


Wihuri has operated for more than a century. About 5 000 Wihuri employees in four divisions deliver safety, skill and service to their communities all over the world every day in a wide variety of ways.

The values that built a small family business into one of Finland’s largest companies live on today as Wihuri traditions.

They represent the building blocks of Wihuri’s success; they are the foundation of Wihuri’s prized relationships with and commitments to Wihuri stakeholders: customers, employers, shareholders and the community.

Corporate values are

Openness - We strive to foster respect and openness in the Wihuri work environment.

Reliability - We treat customers fairly, so that they know they can trust us.

Innovativity - We find solutions to the problems of a rapidly changing world by developing both our internal and external processes.

Profitability - We work for the achievement of long-term profit growth to ensure prosperity and well-being of the Group.


Metro-tukku's online store open to consumers

Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro-tukku, our wholesale business founded in 1901, has opened its online store to consumers.
Pauliina Rannikko
Pauliina Rannikko

Corona – is it nevertheless an opportunity?

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