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Once Again, It’s All About Attitude!

”Responsibility is part of the business competence of a successful enterprise. A responsible company operates as sustainably as possible and reconciles the goals and expectations of the company and its stakeholders.” (Confederation of Finnish Industries)

This crystallizes the essence of corporate responsibility – but what does it mean in practice for us at Wihuri Oy Technical Trade?

In the business world, corporate responsibility has become a major topic only in recent decades. It is likely that, in long-established, successful companies with a good reputation, responsibility has always been a guiding principle – not necessarily as a well-defined term, but as part of the company’s way of thinking and operating.

Basic concepts in business operations, such as efficiency and quality, are all aspects of corporate responsibility. Efficient operations do not waste resources, whether they are raw materials or time. Streamlined production processes do not leave waste or surplus behind. The use-phase energy efficiency and minimum emissions of environmental maintenance vehicles, for example, are concrete environmental aspects that have meaning to customers. The high quality of products and operations goes a long way, and it is also the foundation of our operations. We build partnerships based on our high-quality premium products, and in this way our services and solutions also support our customers’ responsibility goals in the long run.

Companies monitor and report on several things. Regarding corporate responsibility, it is also important to be up to date about the company’s performance of sustainability. Defining goals and measuring how well they have been met is a good tool for monitoring sustainability. Personally, I prefer to observe the so-called hard factors, or metrics. For a simple man like myself, analysis is easier when it can be based on metrics and precise data that we can use to draw conclusions and take action. This is how we gain an understanding of how to do things sustainably from an environmental and societal point of view. Responsibility needs to be taken into account when making both long-term and short-term decisions and applied to daily operations at all levels.

There are many things a company cannot outsource, and corporate responsibility is certainly one of them. Decisions relating to responsibility are not made just at some head quarter, and at Wihuri, it is essential that all employees remember that their decisions and actions have a direct effect on the perceived responsibility of Wihuri as a company. This reflects to our customers and partners, and responsibility is also playing an increasingly important role in motivating our own employees. It is vital that each and every one of us commits to the principles of responsibility and makes it a part of our daily business operations.

When it comes to responsibility, like in many other aspects, having the right attitude is crucial. Perhaps I use the phrase “It’s all about attitude” a bit too often, but I find it particularly fitting in this context. A responsible attitude translates to sustainable decisions and everyday actions.

Warm autumn greetings!

Vesa Laineenkare

Vice President and General Manager, Wihuri Oy Technical Trade
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