Extended family

Keeping our Extended Family Safe

We consider our employees as our extended family and are dedicated to their well-being. There are more than 5 000 Wihuri employees working in 30 countries, and we value the unique and diverse skills of each and every one of them.

Healthy employees are the key to our success, and a safe work environment is an essential element of occupational well-being. We take safety seriously and constantly improving our practices, policies and occupational safety training for our employees.

Everyone at Wihuri has a chance to help strengthen our organizational culture. We encourage the formation of diverse, cooperative work communities where everyone can be true to themselves and also bring out the best in others.

Every internal interaction at Wihuri is part of the employee experience, and we should serve our colleagues in the same way as we serve our customers. Being part of the same extended family ideally means looking out for one another and taking pride in working together.