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When the Rubber Hits the Road

At Winpak, we believe designing packages for easier recycling is important to achieve a circular economy and, for our customers, this is really all about being ready when the rubber hits the road. The technological content of these packages is enhanced by Winpak’s materials science expertise, process technologies and machinery advancements. Packaging that is recycle ready is a way to create high performance, sustainable packaging that is predominantly mono-material based and can be recycled where the proper collection and sorting infrastructures exist.

Winpak is committed to following circular economy tenets through the optimum use of resources

Team Winpak, via joint collaborations with industry partners, created ReFresh™ - “A Fresh Start to Sustainable Packaging”, products platform. The new ReFresh™ brand was recently unveiled at Pack Expo 2019. Winpak’s ReFresh™ products provide food manufacturers and brand owners with high barrier recycle ready solutions to address their packaging needs.

As of today, the ReFresh™ product platform features four main products: ReForm, ReLam, ReLid and RePouch.


A flexible thermoformable polyolefin-based film with low haze and high clarity. Produced with optimum gas, moisture and aroma barriers, ReForm can be used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum applications.


A flexible non-forming polyolefin-based film with low haze and high clarity. ReLam is a lightweight construction with superior gas, moisture and aroma barrier properties. It is also suitable for high end graphic designs in a reverse print adhesive-laminated solution.


Made up of high-speed heat sealable polyolefin-based shrink lidding film with excellent gas, moisture and aroma barriers, ReLid has low haze and high clarity with antifog properties. Typical applications include case ready packaging and fresh meat. ReLid is designed to provide a complete packaging solution when used with Winpak’s recyclable polyolefin based high barrier MAP_fresh_® trays.


Available in high clarity polyolefin structures with oxygen, moisture and aroma barriers. RePouch is capable of high-speed packaging for broad range of products types and weights and can be used for various pouch applications with surface or reverse printing capabilities.

The Bottom Line

ReFresh™ products provide sustainable options for packaging food, dairy, meats and other proteins while offering outstanding product safety, quality and shelf life. Winpak is actively engaged with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) on qualifying its products for the How2Recycle® label; thereby enabling end-users to properly recycle, where infrastructure is available, the Company’s packages.

Winpak is committed to following circular economy tenets through the optimum use of resources in our products and processes; and through a focus on packaging innovations that are recyclable or recycle-ready, contain recycled content or are compostable. Our goal is to provide an unmatched offering of high-quality sustainable products and services to support the success of our clients and their leadership positions within their respective markets.

Winpak is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (WPK-T) and Wihuri Group holds 52.3% of its shares.

Mustafa Bilgen

Vice President Technology & Innovation
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