Divisions in Brief

Wihuri Group consists of four business areas: packaging, daily goods wholesale, technical trade and aviation.

Wihuri operates in four divisions, in 30 countries and on two continents. Group's operations cover manufacture, import, sales and services.

Wihuri Group  operations consist of two companies; Wihuri Oy and Wihuri Packaging Oy. Wihuri Oy comprises Wihuri Oy Aarnio, Technical Trade and Wihuri Aviation and the packaging business and its companies belong to Wihuri Packaging Oy. The both companies belong to the Wihuri Group via the parent company Wihuri International Oy.

Packaging Division

Packaging Division consists of two high-profile operations: WIPAK in Europe and Asia and WINPAK in North America. From the 1960´s Wihuri´s Packaging business has grown into the world's leading producers of packaging materials and solutions for the food and medical supply industries in Europa, Asia and North America.

Daily goods wholesale

Aarnio´s Metro is one of the leading wholesale operators in Finland and offers almost 30 000 items: fresh goods, frozen goods, general and specific merchandise, plus a complete line of alcoholic beverages. Its extensive sales and distribution network, with 27 Metro Cash-and-Carry outlets throughout the country, provides 48-hour delivery to customers in every part of Finland.

Technical Trade

Technical Trade offers comprehensive services, from sales of high quality products to professional product support. Technical Trade´s product segments are: vehicle heaters, repair shop equipment, lift trucks, municipal machines, hand and electric tools, machine tools, construction machines and engines, motorboats.

Wihuri Aviation

With over 30 years of experience in business flights, Jetflite is the oldest business flight provider in the Nordic countries and one of the most experienced operators flying in the CIS.