The World’s Best Packaging for Minced Meat

Significantly less packaging material means significantly reduced environmental impacts.

Together with the meat and food company Atria we created a unique vacuum pack for minced meat that uses over 50% less packaging material than traditional minced meat packages. The package achieves a 250,000 kg reduction in packaging waste.

The unique package is made of Wipak’s sandwich printed BIAXER, together with black NFO XX bottom film. It is incredibly easy to open – consumers simply pull the tab to peel open the package. By creating a vacuum around the meat, the packaging takes on the shape of the product to save space during transportation, in stores, in the consumers’ shopping bags, in the refrigerator and in the bin.

Innovative packaging solution has been awarded as:

  • The world’s best packaging in the WorldStar Packaging Awards Competition
  • Winner of the most sustainable action in the Finnish retailer chain K-group’s competition.

Satu Pahkala
Satu Pahkala

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