Wipak® Fitform ‒ Sustainable Packaging for Medical Devices

Thinner Wipak® Fitform material reduces energy consumption and increases productivity in logistics while high mechanical strength ensures safety.

Wipak® Fitform is a sustainable packaging option for a wide range of medical devices. The film structure is up to 20% thinner than the market standard yet still provides a high mechanical strength. The thermoforming material offers excellent transparency and clarity for better view of the device. It can be used with uncoated papers and it is suitable for EO and irradiation sterilization.

Using thinner film means less film curling and post-shrinkage on the packaging. Wipak® Fitform forms fast and even on the packaging line resulting to better packaging process efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

Wipak® Fitform Technical Details:

  • Superior PA/PE film
  • 11 layers create optimal performance
  • 50–220 microns

Satu Pahkala
Satu Pahkala

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