Proud of our Roots

We are proud of our 115-year heritage. Just as we founded our company on strong values, we are continuing our sustainability journey with those same guiding principles.

Integrity, respect for people and human rights are fundamental to who we are and what we believe. Growing from a small family business to a diversified global enterprise brings great responsibility. We believe that our ethics, governance and supply chain are at the “root” of our sustainability commitment, because holding ourselves to the highest standards has been and will continue to be the backbone of our success.

This includes ensuring that all business partners in our supply chain adhere to fair labor practices and share our view of responsibility. Furthermore, this includes ensuring transparency, doing what is right and our part as citizens of the world.

Topics we focus on

  • Laws & Regulations
  • Ethical Principles
  • Human Rights
  • Integrity and Respect for Others
  • Transparency of Supply Chain
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Data Privacy


Wihuri has operated for more than a century. About 5,000 Wihuri employees in four divisions deliver safety, skill and service to their communities all over the world every day in a wide variety of ways.

The values that built a small family business into one of Finland’s largest companies live on today as Wihuri traditions. They represent the building blocks of Wihuri’s success; they are the foundation of Wihuri’s prized relationships and commitments to Wihuri’s stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and the community.

Our corporate values are

Openness - We strive to foster respect and openness in the Wihuri work environment.

Reliability - We treat customers fairly, so that they know they can trust us.

Innovativiness - We find solutions to the problems of a rapidly changing world by developing both our internal and external processes.

Profitability - We work for the achievement of long-term profit growth to ensure prosperity and well-being of the Group. At the same time responsibility guides our growth.

Wihuri Code of Conduct

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Satu Pahkala
Satu Pahkala

Why would anyone want to blog about the SDGs?

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