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Why would anyone want to blog about the SDGs?

Satu Pahkala

That’s what I thought when I first started thinking about writing this post. In recent years, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at the member states of the UN have found their way to corporate sustainability reports and even to corporate strategies. The SDGs aim to end extreme poverty from the world and ensure wellbeing in an environmentally sustainable manner. But what role does Wihuri play in these large-scale objectives? The SDGs have forced me to contemplate how they could be authentically integrated to our company’s businesses – not something to dish on in a light-hearted blog post.

Naturally, the colorful SDG boxes were of also of our framework since the day we started to work on Frankly Wihuri, our corporate responsibility approach. We, too, wanted to take part in this popular “game of boxes” sure to bring street cred in the sustainability community. After a long and painful digesting process, we identified three SDGs that we as a company can most have an impact on and that already play a significant role in Frankly Wihuri, supporting our business functions.

SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

This is a goal that we work on through our Extended Family and Roots themes. We will continue to strengthen and develop sustainable ways of working, making sure that we implement them in our daily activities.

We especially encourage people to form diverse and cooperative work communities in which everyone can be their authentic selves. Thus, we can bring out the best in each of us, which at its finest will result in taking care of each other and being proud of working together. Honesty, respecting others, and human rights are an essential part of our values and identity.

Growing from a small family business to a diversified global enterprise brings great responsibility across our supply chain. We expect our suppliers to commit to fair ways of working and share our view of sustainability. At the same time, we must ensure the transparency of our own activities and take care of our responsibilities as world citizens.

We especially invest in

  • Wihuri as a safe place to work
  • satisfied and motivated employees
  • sustainable supply chains and suppliers.
SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Through our Valued Partner theme, we will increase the number of responsible and sustainable solutions in our products and services. Being a valued partner is also at the core of our responsibility thinking: we appreciate long-term and sustainable partnerships.

Together with our customers and partners, we can find solutions to even the most difficult of responsibility issues. For example, the bold target of our packaging division is to be the world’s environmentally friendliest flexible packaging company, offering safe and sustainable packages to customers.

We especially invest in

  • bringing environmentally friendly packaging solutions to the market
  • responsible product offering in our Food Service business
  • the raw materials of private label products 100% certified.
SDG 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Our Planet theme aims to respond to this challenge. We want to decrease the negative impacts on our environment, improve resource efficiency, and decrease our carbon footprint. Our aim is to put special emphasis on energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and pursuing zero waste. Our business operations must give back more than they take.

We especially invest in

  • increasing the use of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels
  • improving energy efficiency 10 % by the year 2025
  • decreasing the amount of waste and improving recycling.
SDGs are at the core of corporate responsibility

Despite wordings aimed at the UN member states, the SDGs are the fuel behind our everyday activities. Earth cannot be endlessly exploited. Instead, corporate business operations should do good to prosper. Even if integrating SDGs into our sustainability approach and business operations takes time and effort, it doesn’t mean that we have an excuse to give up. As a company, we will do our part – and blog about it openly.

Satu Pahkala

Satu Pahkala

Corporate Responsibility Director
A multiplayer who sniffs on responsibility trends, sparring and helping Wihuri people to build a better tomorrow. Also known as the mama frankly, grab the sleeve if you have any thoughts or ideas related to responsibility.
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