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On the road to becoming the most desired partner in the Food Service sector!

We have crystallized our vision during the summer and autumn: our aim is to be the most desired partner in our sector. Achieving this goal is challenging, of course, and it requires a lot of work. Our Responsibility Approach, Frankly Wihuri, supports this goal excellently. Partnerships are at the core of our sustainability mindset, as together with our customers, we find solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Valued partner – customers are valuable

You can’t succeed in the B2B business if you can’t recognize the value of partnerships. Customers are our customers only when they experience something special; something they can’t get anywhere else. It may be about the products or services (webstore, ordering systems, etc.), but more and more often it’s about people and the service experience they provide. We’re just the right partner for clients who want to make business with a company where they can find a face to, all the way to the owners.

Our cooperation with our suppliers is key to everything. High-quality, responsibly produced raw materials and products are an essential prerequisite for our selection. Delivering reliably and on time is an important promise that we make to our partners.

Extended family – rooted deep in history

Wihuri has its roots deep in the Finnish society and business life. Our areas of business have also changed over the decades. Many of us are proud of the company’s long history and its ability to succeed and renew itself over the years.

Many of us have had a long career at Wihuri. It involves a kind of “company look” that is based on principles and values. These principles include honesty, appreciation of one’s own and others’ work, and being open to new things. It’s particularly important to find common ground so that we can all feel like we’re on the same side of the table. I feel that this has been our strength for a long time, and we should continue to protect it in the future.

Our planet – together for a better tomorrow

It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment and to make sure that it’s used sustainably so that future generations can also enjoy the nature. The past year has been really eye-opening for many, and this is also reflected in the enquiries we receive from our customers. We’re working together with our partners to find new solutions for e.g. reducing food waste and optimizing our logistics, which are the main sources of our carbon dioxide emissions in our operations. Environmental issues are here to stay, and we need to work together to solve them.

Juha Mattila

Vice President and General Manager, Wihuri Oy Aarnio
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