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After nine months, the newcomer has a name – May I introduce, FRANKLY WIHURI.

Satu Pahkala

In the fall of 2018, we started creating a responsibility approach for Wihuri. I was excited to be working with something new; we now had an opportunity to assemble matters of responsibility into a single entity and create shared practices and ways of speaking – just the right kind of responsibility approach for Wihuri. The thorough work took nine months and is now ready to be presented. This is the story of FRANKLY WIHURI.

First trimester: together with the different business areas

Responsibility work was not, by any means, anything new for Wihuri. It had been carried out for a long time within the different business areas, yet without a solid alignment. We started out with workshops that included participants representing the different business areas. First, we defined the responsibility focus areas and then worked on the approach and goals together. All business areas brought feedback from their stakeholders to the workshops.

Second trimester: name, shared language and story

By reflecting on discussions at the workshops and stakeholders’ expectations, we formed a Group-level responsibility approach for Wihuri, along with its four focus areas and a scorecard for monitoring the goals.

We considered it important that we would be able to discuss responsibility in a common language, and to also not drown in an abundance of terms. In addition to the scorecard, we focused on the Frankly Wihuri story during the second trimester. We wanted our approach to reflect our values, a family-owned company’s culture, and our operating ways greatly valued by our partners. At the same time, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to tell people about responsibility.

We thought our responsibility approach should have a catchy and memorable name. The name Frankly Wihuri originates from frankness, which is said to be very Finnish. For us as a Finnish family-owned company, frankness means being open, honest and transparent about the commitments we are making to responsibly grow our business.

In addition, we created a vocabulary and instructions to accompany the story, in order to describe what responsibility means for us and how we will communicate it with the help of Frankly.

Last trimester: presenting the newcomer

During the last trimester, I presented Frankly Wihuri for the different business areas, as it was important to communicate the result of our collaboration. We will continue working with all Wihuri’s people in the months to come. At the end, responsibility is about adopting shared unified practices as well as the smaller and bigger everyday activities. Responsibility is a common thing for all of us.

Creating new and inspiring by cherishing the old

The last nine months have been marked by wonderful collaboration – we have expanded on what was already there and built something shared, new and inspiring on top of it. Yet we have only just scratched the surface – the real work begins now. The Group-level responsibility approach sets higher goals; we will now work on the goals for each business area. For the next months and in the coming year, we will learn from and share experiences with each other and hopefully, do a lot together.

We invite our stakeholders into dialogue with us and encourage Wihuri’s people to share their experiences. Hopefully, we can soon be able to report on this work. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with Frankly Wihuri and our responsibility activities in more detail here.

Satu Pahkala

Satu Pahkala

Corporate Responsibility Director
A multiplayer who sniffs on responsibility trends, sparring and helping Wihuri people to build a better tomorrow. Also known as the mama frankly, grab the sleeve if you have any thoughts or ideas related to responsibility.
Satu Pahkala
Satu Pahkala

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