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Wihuri Group's practices to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus

Wihuri Group’s practices to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus

We at Wihuri Group are doing everything we can to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus on our behalf. First and foremost, we aim to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, partners, and other people.

· We monitor the instructions and restrictions given by the local officials and follow them in all of our business activities.

· We do not travel in business. As instructed by the officials, we strongly encourage Wihuri employees to avoid all travelling as much as possible also outside of work.

· We favor remote work and teleconferences as much as possible.

· We remind our employees to only arrive at work if they are not sick. In addition, we remind them of THL’s handwashing and coughing instructions and other practices to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus.

· We remind our customers to only visit our offices and Metro Cash & Carries if they are not sick.

· We aim to ensure that our businesses continue as efficiently as possible in terms of activities such as supply chains.

Because our divisions are so different from each other, every division has adopted their own practices that complement these Group-level instructions listed above.

We wish everyone strength in this exceptional situation. Together we can prevent the spreading of coronavirus and lessen the pressure faced by the health care system. We also aim to ensure that our business activities continue with as little disturbance as possible during the coronavirus epidemic and in the future.


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Pauliina Rannikko
Pauliina Rannikko

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